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There have been many questions about racks on camping trailers. There are many variations for compact, lightweight trailers we specialize in.  To add more information, I started a thread on the Tventuring forum to show examples and have a place for folks to show their rack setups and what they normally carry.

Here are a few examples, check it out at Trailer Racks.

racks for compact camping Compact Camping Trailer Rack 2 Compact Trailer Racks 3


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This is  what began Compact Camping Concepts; the Explorer Box Construction Manual.

Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer Plan Manual

Currently, this is the only available DIY compact, lightweight Tent Topped camper tailored to smaller vehicles.  They notably expand your available space, providing storage and cargo hauling capabilities, making smaller vehicles a practical option wherever away from home adventures take you.  Its compact footprint is a benefit when being towed and stored.  The light weight minimizes the impact on mileage and doesn’t overtax your vehicle.

The inspiration for the  Explorer Box design is the simplicity of vintage Tent Trailers with some Teardrop Trailer influences.  There is a front kitchen/galley area with organized, shelved storage compartments and counter space.  When in transit, the front deck area provides open storage for your cooler; making it accessible without unpacking.  In the rear is a large general storage compartment for bulkier items and storage containers.

An Explorer Box is a straight forward, DIY friendly project with room for personalization and tailoring to your specific needs.  It uses a plywood building method that home-builders with basic woodworking skills can use to create a durable trailer that will give you many years of service.

Visit our store here to order your copy today and get started on the path to “Trailer Supported Adventuring”!

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