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Have you been thinking about building a DIY camping trailer for your motorcycle?

This build story from the forum will give you some good ideas. His build begins by using a budget friendly 40”x 48” Harbor Freight frame kit. Having a CNC router, he got fancy making the trailer box, although the design would be straightforward to do with a corner block building method.

His will be a Tent Topped motorcycle trailer using a roof top style tent unit from The expected dry weight of his trailer will be 270-300 pounds.

For full details visit his build thread on our forum here.

I clean and repack trailer wheel bearings around every 10,000 miles or 2 years.
For info on checking, packing and torquing wheel bearings visit our  Tventuring forum thread.









Don’t get caught on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with a bearing problem.

When most people think Kayak Trailers; Yakima Rack & Roll and Sportsrig trailers come to mind. They are a basic lightweight, open flatbed deck with a pair of rack crossbars that work nicely for hauling kayaks, canoes and/or bikes around.
Kayak Trailer a-sportsrig

From what I’ve read and seen they are quality trailers that get the job done. They offer a smooth riding suspension, a load capacity of 250-450 lbs, and weigh in at 150-200 lbs. As I see it they have two drawbacks; little to no space for carrying your other gear and high cost (Rack & Roll $2299, Sportsrig $1899).

So what if for around $1600 you actually got a “whole” trailer, one that could haul your Kayaks for fishing or pleasure paddling and all your camping / other gear? This is easily done with one of our Dinoot DIY fiberglass tub kits.
Dinoot DIY Jeep Kayak TrailerDinoot Jeep Kayak Trailer

With Dinoot trailers being a DIY project it means you save money by putting in some sweat equity. We have web information available at “Building One” that details how to build your own Dinoot Trailer. The trailer box provides 59”W x 53” L x 16.5” T (inside) worth of storage space, with more room on the trailer and racks over the trailer box for your kayaks.

When comparing the prices, I used the prices listed on the Yakima and Sportsrig page. Their trailers both comes with racks, so for an apples-2-apples comparison; I took the cost from our “Dinoot Budget Example” and added the cost of a tower / crossbars set to it.

When you think Trailer Supported Adventuring, think Compact Camping Concepts!